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Adelaide's premier custom tattoo studio. Specialising in Japanese, Lettering, Traditional and Realism.

Adelaides's premier custom tattoo studio. Specialising in Japanese, Tradtional, Lettering and Realism tattooing. We also provide the states best laser tattoo removal machine. No job is too big or too small, call to book in for a consult today.

June 2015

Its been a busy month at Progression and we are definitely gearing up for a busy end to the year!

Screen shot 2015-06-26 at 2.54.33 PM.png

I was lucky enough to escape the cold and go to Hawaii for 2 weeks!

If you haven't been, I suggest you go! Its amazing! And thanks to Matt's client Daland, I got some awesome tips!

While I left the boys to fend for themselves in the shop, they ended up hiring our newest staff member

Welcome to the team Mark Stewart!

His style is new school & colour realism.  Check out his work here

The week after Marks arrival, Tessa was back!

This was her last short trip over before she moves here permanently from Melbourne and joins us full time from July 21st! 

And the week after that, Tom joined us too!

In the last blog, I made the announcement that Tom de Vries was joining us, well he's here now! 

We now have a full team of 6 qualified artists to cater to all of your tattoo needs, any shape or size! 

If you're ever unsure who to book with, please check out our galleries to the left! Or just ask! We are here to help put you with the artist best suited to your ideas!

Our apologies to any clients undergoing laser treatment, but for the moment, laser removal is currently not operating.


There are still prints, t-shirts and crews available for sale and we just placed an order for black t-shirts with a white logo, so keep an eye out!


Mike Todd is coming all the way from New Zealand to do a last minute guest spot with us!

He is available to tattoo Thursday July 2nd and Friday July 3rd, email for bookings! Check out his work here


Matt's Monthly recommendations for June 2015

Movie - An oldie, but a goodie - Rush Hour. And JURASSIC WORLD, he just hasnt seen it yet!

TV Show - Star Wars Rebels (And that last episode of Game of Thrones?!!!!)

Music - Refused - Freedom


Thanks for looking & We'll see you soon!

              Stacey, Matt, Sam, Ryan, Jack, Tessa, Tom & Mark