Progression Tattoo

Adelaide's premier custom tattoo studio. Specialising in Japanese, Lettering, Traditional and Realism.

Adelaides's premier custom tattoo studio. Specialising in Japanese, Tradtional, Lettering and Realism tattooing. We also provide the states best laser tattoo removal machine. No job is too big or too small, call to book in for a consult today.


Tattoo Artist

Parker has been tattooing professionally in Adelaide since 2010. Already being passionate about art since a young age, he took his passion and directed it towards tattooing. 

Though his work is heavily influenced by classic traditional, he enjoys tattooing varying styles of work including geometric work, lettering, neo-traditional and black work. 

Parker has attended several tattoo conventions including the Melbourne Body Art Expo. He has worked at three of Adelaide’s tattoo studios including Electric Vision Tattoo and has been working privately at Modify in the city. His focus now is to push his craft and artwork further with the team at Progression.

In his spare time, Parker enjoys other creative and expressive outlets including photography, drawing and painting. He draws influence from his artwork and love for animals and nature.