Progression Tattoo

Adelaide's premier custom tattoo studio. Specialising in Japanese, Lettering, Traditional and Realism.

Adelaides's premier custom tattoo studio. Specialising in Japanese, Tradtional, Lettering and Realism tattooing. We also provide the states best laser tattoo removal machine. No job is too big or too small, call to book in for a consult today.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that we get here at Progression Tattoo. But if you don't find an answer to your question please feel free to use our contact form on this website or call 0433780373.

Booking enquiries and how long are you booked out for: If you are looking to book in to be tattooed, it is best to contact us via email or phone first. We have an online contact form (found on our web page) or you can call/text our shop mobile. Having a consultation before an appointment is highly recommended but not mandatory (if the design is very simple and straight forward). We can usually take bookings within a few days (depending on the artist).

Do you only do large scale work? Not at all! There is no job too big or too small for us! The tattoos we post are just some of the artists favourite pieces but we will tattoo pretty much anything!

What hours is Progression open?  Tuesday to Saturday, 9am - 5pm. These are general hours. Some of our artists do after hours work to fit in with clients needs. We can try and work with you if our general business hours don’t work for you.

How much do you charge?  Our minimum charge is between $100-$150. This helps to cover the cost of setting up for the tattoo (there is a lot of disposable equipment/materials we use). And even though a small tattoo make take less then an hour, the whole process never does. So it also covers the artists time to prepare and put on the stencil, not to mention setting up and packing down the station.

The hourly rate is $180 per hour. This only applies to work taking longer than one session. For a tattoo that can be completed in one session, it will be charged by the piece, not by the hour. We always do our best to quote the price and time needed for large scale work, however this is ALWAYS an estimate only. We cap our day rate at $1000, so if you can sit for a full day session, you can make a saving.

Also if you have a budget in mind for a piece we can always try and work within your budget, so always ask!

Do I need to leave a deposit?  Yes, all bookings require a deposit. $100 for one session tattoos, $200 for more than one session. $300 for back/front piece. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY reason. Your deposit must stay on your booking till the last session, it can not be used until this time. If you are unable to go ahead with a tattoo and you have already put down a deposit, we will hang onto it for you. So you will still be able to use it at a later date, when it is more convenient for you to get tattooed. The deposit will not expire.

Cancellation:  Please give as much notice as possible if you wish to cancel or move an appointment.  We have a one week cancellation policy.  A confirmation text will be sent to you a week prior to your appointment, once you have replied and confirmed, any cancellation or change of appointment will incur a loss of deposit.  A new deposit must be left to rebook an appointment.  Failure to respond to the confirmation text will result in a loss of appointment. Please keep us informed if your contact details change for this reason. If you cancel more than once, you will be asked to pre-pay future appointments. We rely on appointments for our income. A deposit helps secure some loss of income in case of a no show.

Friends at appointments: Please do not bring anyone with you. We try to keep things as private as possible for our customers and we also don’t have enough room for waiting friends or family.

WE DON’T tattoo pregnant/breast feeding women, anyone with transmittable diseases, people under 18 (EVEN WITH PARENTAL CONSENT) and anyone who is disrespectful or rude. Please note we will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Preparation for appointment: Please shave (if possible) the area you are getting tattooed the day of your appointment. Eat something before your appointment and please bring food and refreshments you may need. Lastly, please come to your appointment showered and clean!

Car Parking: You are able to park in the two shopping centre car parks across from and next to the shop. PLEASE DO NOT PARK BEHIND THE SHOP (SAGO - DARE HAIR - PLATINUM TRAVEL) THIS IS A TOW AWAY AREA.

Designs: We only draw for people with a deposit and a booking. Designs are not ready until the day of the appointment. Our workloads are too busy to have drawings prepared earlier than the night before and appointment. Not to mention the number of cancellations we get before an appointment date, the guys do not want to draw too far in advance for an appointment.

Payment: We accept cash or eftpos. Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa only). There is also a NAB ATM across the street.